Myrentking.com is a ripoff and do not do business with them. They claim they will give you new furniture and give you a package deal on new furniture for a cheap price each and every month. When you go and try to get the new furniture, they then turn around and tell you that you need to put a deposit down, when it clearly states on the site that no desposit and pay as you go!

Then they tell you that they will bring you furniture and replace the old furniture with the new ones when it comes in! Well thats a lie and they never come back and replace it at all! They bring you cheap furniture that is so cheap you wont beleive it. I found the same furniture for a couch and love seat brand new for less then $600, but yet have to pay over $1,000's of dollars for there cheap *** over a 2 year plan!

Also, if you fall behide on your payment, they will run your credit cards without your consent, so make sure you change all your credit cards and bank accounts, due to the fact that they will run transactions without you even knowing about it!

They even tell you after a year, which i'm over a year of paying now, that you can cut your payments in half and extend the contract for another year added on and that was a lie to help anyone out. After giving them so much money for a full year, they just want to rent it out again because all there stuff is paid off already. These items arent even worth $200 each and you pay over $1,000's on each one of the items.

Beware of MYRENTKING and don't fall into the trap of being screwed

They run credit cards without your consent and also dont give them anyone else credit card when pay, as they will run theres as well.


Monetary Loss: $4950.

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rentking sucks you give them back the things you get and thay still try and say u still have thers things

Ruskin, Florida, United States #1305856

hey *** they can only run your credit card IF YOU give them Permission you have to sign an auto credit/debit form so you will not miss your payment!! unless you are a deadbeat payer .

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